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Bay City, MI 48708
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Grampa Tony's East Menu Selections

Everything on the menu below is also availiable for takeout and delivery!
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Deep Fried Cheese Sticks
Deep Fried Mushrooms
Deep Fried Cauliflower
Deep Fried Zucchini
Jalapeno Poppers
Soft Breadsticks
Potato Skins
Nacho Chips & Cheese
Chicken Strips
Wing Dings
Dipped Hot Wings
Fried Shrimp
Cheddar Chili

Nacho Supreme (Beef)
Shredded Cheddar & Cheese Sauce, topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Green Peppers, Onions, Black Olives, served with a side of Salsa & Sour Cream
(Chicken - add $1.00) (Seafood - add $2.00)
Veggie Platter
Deep Fried: Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Cheese Sticks, Onions Rings, Spicy Fries, a side of Ranch & Meat Sauce (No Substations Please)

Soups, Salads, & Sides

Toss Salads
Choice of our Homemade Italian, French, Thousand, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Poppy Seed, Raspberry Vinegar, Light Italian, Greek, Caesar or Spinach Dressing
Cottage Cheese
Cole Slaw
Pasta Salad
Bread Basket

Soups n' Sides
Soup of the Day (Strictly Homeade)
Cup 2.50
Bowl 3.95
Homeade Chili
Cup 3.50
Bowl 4.25
French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
American Fries
Baked Potato
Onion Rings
Homeade Stuffing
Cheese Spread (with garlic toast)

Tony's Antipasto
Salami, Fresh Mushrooms, Pepperoni & Mozzarella Cheese
Chef's Garden Salad
Ham, Chicken, American Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese & an Egg
Seafood Salad
Mozzarella Cheese and a generous portion of Shrimp & Crab
Hong Kong Salad
Crunchy Noodles, Mozzarella Cheese, with your choice of Chicken or Crab

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Hot Tea
Hot Cappuccino
Hot Chocolate
Milk - Small
Milk - Large
Fountain Drinks
Soft Drink Cans
Iced Tea

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Specialties Sandwiches

Tony's Famous Steak Sanwich*
6 oz. Cubed Steak served on Italian Bread, grilled or soft, withour special Italian Sauce
Add to any of our Italian Sandwiches:
Extra side of Meat Sauce (add .75)
With Mozzarella, American or Swiss Cheese (add .75)
With Mushrooms (add 1.00)
Supreme: Mozzarella Cheese, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Green Olives & Fried Onions (add 2.00)
1/2 lb. Ground Beef*
with meat Sauce on Grilled Italian Bread
Italian Sausage*
with Meat Sauce on Grilled Italian Bread
Meatball Sandwich
with meat Sauce on Grilled Italian Bread
Italian Chicken
with Meat Sauce on Grilled Italian Bread, choice of Breaded or Grilled Chicken
Grilled Mozzarella on Italian Bread
Served with a side of Meat Sauce
Italian Salami on Grilled Italian Bread
Choice of Deluxe or a side of Meat Sauce

Tony's Specialties

Italian Grinder on French Bread
Ham, Salami, American or Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce & Italian Dressing
Italian Beef on French Bread
Sliced Roast Beef, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Sandwich on Grilled Italian Bread
Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Ham, Mozzarella Cheese & our Italian Meat Sauce
Italian Club on Grilled Italian Bread
Ham, Bacon, American & Mozzarella Cheese & Made Deluxe

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Old Favorite Sandwiches

Turkey Grill on Italian Bread
Sliced Turkey, Bacon, American & Mozzarella Cheese, Deluxe and Grilled on Italian Bread
All American Steak
6 oz. Cube Steak, Bacon, American & Mozzarella Cheese, Deluxe and Grilled on Italian Bread
Big Grilled Cheese
With American Cheese on Grilled Italian Bread
Big Chicken Deluxe
Grilled Chicken
Chicken & Cheese Deluxe
Breaded Chicken & Mozzarella
Chicken Salad Croissant
Served on a Fresh Croissant
Tuna Salad Croissant
Served on a Fresh Croissant
Tuna Grill
With Mozzarella Cheese on Grilled Italian Bread
Scooter on Grilled Italian Bread
Sliced Turkey, Ham, American & Mozzarella Cheese & made Deluxe
Reuben grilled on Rye Bread
Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese & served with a side of Thousand Island Dressing
Ham & Mozzarella Cheese
Served on Grilled Italian Bread
Served on Toasted Italian Bread
Beef French Dip
Served on French Bread with a side of AuJus
Beef BBQ
Served on a Bun or Grilled Italian Bread
Fish Sandwich
Served on a Bun or Grilled Italian Bread
Sardine & Onions
Served on Grilled Italian Bread

Substitutions available for an additional charge.

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Hot Sandwich Dinners

Hot Roast Beef
Hot Hamburg
Hot Steak
Hot Chicken Breasts

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1/4 LB Burgers

1/4 Lb. Burger*
Condiment choices: Ketchup, Mustard, Pickles, & Raw Onions
With American, Mozzarella or Swiss Cheese (add .50)
With Fried Onions (add .50)
Mae Deluxe: Mayonnaise, Lettuce & Tomato (add .50)
BLT Burger Deluxe*
with Bacon, American Chese & made Deluxe
Olive Burger Deluxe*
with Green Olives & made Deluxe
Mushroom Swiss Burger*
with Mushrooms, a side of Beef Gravy & Swiss Cheese
Gramma Burger*
with Mushrooms, a side of Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese
Patty Melt*
with Swiss Cheese, Fried Onions & served on Rye Bread

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Italian Specialties

Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Romano
Chicken Talona
Italian Sausage*
Italian Sausage Marco*
Liver Marco*
Steak Parmesan*
Veal Parmesan
Veal Dawnel
Pepper Steak Italiano*
Veal Italiano

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American Specialties

Chicken Strip Dinner
Grilled Chicken Breasts
1/2 Chicken Dinner
Wing Ding Dinner
Country Steak*
Pork Chops*
Center Cut Ham
Ground Round*
Steak Tips*
Baby Beef Liver*
New York Strip Steak*
Mushroom Steak*
Country Grill*
Mixed Grill*

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From the Deep

Breaded Clam Strip
Breaded Tender Scallops
Lake Perch Fillets
Battered Smelt
Breaded Shrimp Platter
Battered Fish Fry Special
Baked Cod
Baked Cod Italiano
Mates Platter
Seafood Platter 14.95
An Assortment of all our deep friend seafood

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Brick-Oven Baked Casserole Dishes

Meatball Casserole
Ravioli Casserole
Spaghetti Casserole
Cheese Fettuccini Alfredo
Baked Spaghetti and Meat Ball Casserole Combo
Baked Spaghetti and Ravioli Casserole Combo
Italian Pasta Platter

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Rigatoni Angel Hair
Fettuccini Spaghetti

 Sm Lg
Meat Sauce 8.95 9.95
Meat Balls 9.50 10.95
Italian Sausage* 9.50 10.95
Meatless Sauce 8.95 9.95
Mushrooms 9.50 10.95
Italian Vegetables 9.50 10.95

Meat Ravioli Cheese Ravioli

Meat Sauce 10.50
Meat Balls 11.50
Italian Sausage* 11.50
Meatless Sauce 10.50
Mushrooms 11.50
Italian Vegetables 11.50

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  Sm 10" Med 14" Large 16"
Cheese 6.50 12.40 13.40
One Item 7.00 13.65 14.65
Two Items 7.50 14.90 15.90
Three Items 8.00 16.15 17.15
Four Items 8.50 17.40 18.40
Five Items 9.00 18.65 19.65
Six or More 9.50 19.90 20.90

Items: Italian Sausage*, Ground Beef*, Onions*, Green Olives*, Pineapple, Black Olives, Green Pepper*, Pepperoni*, Ham*, Mushrooms*, Bacon, Anchovies

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Hot Breads

Loaf - 4.95 Half Loaf - 3.95
Loaf - 6.95 Half Loaf - 5.95

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Indulge Yourself from Our Wide Variety Of Tasty Desserts
All Sundaes Are Topped with Whip Cream & a Cherry; add Chopped Nuts for .50

Three Scoop Sundae
Three scooops of Vanilla Ice Cream, toped with your choice of:
(Small size Sundaes are available for .50 less)
Marshmallow Hot Fudge Pineapple Cherry
Chocolate Syrup Butterscotch Strawberries Caramel

Specialty Sundaes

Grampa's Banana Split
Old Style Banana Split
Strawberry Shortcake Sundae
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae
Caramel Cashew Sundae
Three Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Caramel & Cashews
Mallow Cup Sundae
Three Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream, topped with Marshmallow, Chocolate Syrup & Chopped Coconuts
Turtle Sundae
Three Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Caramel, Chocolate Syrup & Chopped Nuts
Dutch Apple Sundae
Two Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with warm Apple Toppings & Our Homemade Dutch Crumbles

Grampa's Specialties

Italian Ice
Italian Lemon Ice Cream
Peppermint Stick
peppermint Flavored Ice Cream
Our Homemade Italian Ice Cream made with Chocolate, Strawberyy & Pistachio
Dish of Ice Cream
Flavors Available: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio & Butter Pecan
Many Flavors Available
Ice Cream Floats
Many Flavors Available
Baked Shell Crust filled with our Homemade Filling, with Chocolate Chips & Nuts
Banana Special
Small Piecrust filled with Bavarian Cream: with Sliced Banana, Whip Cream & a Cherry
Milk Shakes & Malts (exra Malt add .25)
Many Flavors available including: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio, Butter Pecan, Butterscotch, Caramel, Marshmallow, Hot Fudge, Pineapple, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Peppermint Stick, Peanut Butter, Banana, Etc.
Cheese Cake
Topped with your choice of Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry or any of our other toppings (3.75)
Fresh Baked Pie
A La Mode: with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream or Whip Cream (3.95)

Pecan Cherry Apple
Blueberry Coconut Cream Lemon
Dutch Apple Strawberry Rhubarb Raspberry

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Chef's Hat

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Everthing on Menu is available
for Takeout and delivery!

Call 989-893-4795 for orders


Come in and check our selection of wine and imported beer.
Our wine selection includes:

Bianco, Cabernet, Chablis, Chianti, Chardonnay, Lambrusco, Liebfraumilch, Merlot, Piesporter, and White Zinfandel.

Comment or suggestion about something on or not on the menu? Please contact us and give some feedback!